Boycott FedEx and don’t let the NRA win the gun debate

Common sense gun laws make sense but organizations will convince you that anything that hinders access to guns violates our second amendment. Yet it is well known that assault weapons such as the AR-15 used in the parkland shooting goes beyond the second amendment.

There are many corporations who have taken sensible actions to avoid more mass shootings however FedEx has not.

Do we think the forces of are letting up? RT this list of hedge funds below & Remember, Blackrock will use their influence but there are more with contact & twitter handles; have your 401k advisor move FDX out that’ll hurt

Since our tweet a week or two ago, Blackrock has indicated their interest in supporting sensible gun laws and will use their influence to support this movement. Help us with the other investment organizations and if you have the twitter accounts of the ones that are missing please send to us so that we can inform everyone else!

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